We recieved our new little guy on Friday from you!

He is doing really good and is so sweet!! I will keep you

updated as he grows!! We lost our girl we had 10 years

so to look in his eyes her legacy lives on=) Thank you

He is so beautiful and is playing so good with the kids!

And is already on alert when strangers walk up!

Justin and Kelly Reaves

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1924 Capital Blvd.

Raleigh NC 27604

Hi Alyssa,

Just wanted to give u an update on Massive. We named him Luca. He is unbelievable! House training is too easy. He has made himself at home. Picture attached.

God Bless You,
Michael and Luca

hello joe and alyssa,
thanks for checking on the pup. we have renamed him otto. we love the name harley, but we ride and it seemed a little too obvious for us. in fact we know other folks with dogs named harley.
he is the most beautiful and smartest puppy on the face of the earth. he and i bonded right from the start. we researched the rotti breed and breeders etc… for over two years. this big guy was most definitely worth the wait. he is in his 5th week of puppy kindergarten. we are so proud of him. he is certainly the valedictorian. we take him most every where we go. he loves all people big and small. we take him out to the school bus stop to greet the kids most days. we bring treats for them to offer him and let him play and romp the the kids. having a four year old grandson and another on the way, socializing otto is a priority to us. everyone who meets him remarks on his size and gorgeous looks, to include our vet.
the attached picture isn’t great. i’ll send better ones when i download them.
i’ll try to register him online. if i have any problems i’ll let you know.
thanks again for being in touch.
rotti mom,
lorie burch

hello joe and alyssa,wow!! good news my papers are in ,thank-you very much!! we name the puppy molly she is very beautiful and very clever and smart to.she always like people so much wow she crys at every thing hehe,that just her.she loves baths,walks,playing ball wow the ball try taken that from her bout she let you throw it and bring it back to you,,bout not having it at nite when she goes to bed,i never hear the end of it lol.she loves my 5 grand-girl.she love the car ride every morning i drive my 6 year gand baby to school she loves to come and try not taken her on the weekends well all she does is cry all morning long tell i take her for a ride if that not a smart puppy then i dont know what is,we are just very please with her and i well send you a thank-you email in a coulple of day to show your future dog buyers how we are very please and bless to have her in our family.thank-you so much again wayne and family and MOLLY!!.

We are doing well:)
Beauty is doing well and yes, very spoiled.
She is potty trained already and so darn smart for her age.
I will send pics soon with a better camera so you can see how much she has grown.
She’s my girl, we are very happy to have her in our family.
Hope you are doing well with many blessings!


 Just wanted to send you a picture of my 4 year old son Lucas and our little girl Khoa (attached). It is an older pic, but thought you guys might enjoy seeing it anyways…really cute! Hope all is well at your homes. We are doing well and Khoa is growing like a weed (bad thing about rotts is they grow up too fast, ha!) Well keep in touch with us and we will try and email pics and updates on our little booger bear! Thanks a million for our “little” girl!
Tracey, Nick, Lucas and all the furkids

Hey guys!
Just wanted to update y’all on Apollo. He’s doing really well and loves his new home. His sister is his best friend and he loves playing with her. He’s such a sweet boy and we both love him so much. Thanks again for such a beautiful boy.

Chrissy & Mark

Hi Alyssa,

I hope everything is well with all of you at Cedar Hill Rottweiler’s! I just wanted to send a few photos of Nick’s beautiful puppy, Brixen (aka . . . Brown Boy). He will be six months on Saturday (8.25.12) and is growing like a weed as you can see in the change from the first photo to the others!! He has been an absolute joy and is extremely well behaved for the puppy that he is!! Brixen has been a God send for Nick and is most definitely Nick’s boy. If Nick leaves the house Brixen goes to all the doors looking for him and then patiently awaits his return. Everyone who meets him comments on what a beautiful and sweet puppy he is!!

Although I am not quite ready yet . . . . I am very seriously considering a little girl for myself! Maybe next spring . . . . haha. Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update and share these pictures. Feel free to post whatever you like.

Best Regards and God’s Blessings,

Annette Griebel